Sunday, 30 June 2013

Welcome to Manali

Here was the moment when I was feeling myself in manali…. Bus on the move, ripples of River Beas almost touching the wheels of bus… greenery all around.






Its seriously an amazing scene when I saw river Beas flowing along with our bus , constantly looking at only two things, speedo meter of the bus and the distance of river from the bus. It was scary, though enjoyable too.



Next  came the 1st stopover "Patlipul" a place 20min before the Manali. Got the chance to step down from the bus and get rid of the air condition of my volvo bus and feel the fresh air. But things were different. Coming from a place where I was running my life, feeling the temp of atleast 38 to 40 celcius degrees and now it was just 13.4..




I could imagine how my next 4 days is going to be. Chilly weather and Rain. Wow it was amazing. But back of my mind one thing was crawling in my mind ``have I brought enough winter clothes’’.

Trust me guys hilly weather can change any time , whether its summer monsoon autumn… one must carry enough winter clothes

Monday, 10 June 2013

Trip to Manali....

Trip to Manali started……


I had booked my tickets for a Volvo bus to Manali from New delhi well in advance. A trip was about to get started but at same place it was getting delayed as well. Thanks to Bus service, we were already late. Bus had to leave the place by 5.30pm but I was standing there and it was 6.45pm already and it would be good to tell I reached the place at 5.00pm.

At last at 7.00pm our bus started to move. It was almost a journey of 15hrs crossing two states (Haryana & Punjab ) and reaching the third one Himachal Pradesh. In which half of time was to be spent swirling in mountains.

This was the 1st time when I was going to mountains by a bus previously it always has been a car , but I was lucky enough to have a very nice driver of the bus.

Always loved the zigzag driving of cars but this time I was facing this in a 40 seater Volvo bus and I was loving it. Driving at the speed of 80-90km/hr in the plains and atleast he touched 40-45km/hr in mountains and it was the smoothest of bus rides of my life.

After spending whole night in bus and unable to sleep ( as it is very tough for me to sleep in bus ) we reached Sunder nagar  3hrs before Manali. Had some breakfast as bus was stopped for a while to freshen up. Manali was just 3hrs away now and it was the time to switch on my camera , sun was up though it was raining but now it was the time to enjoy the beauty of Manali.

Facebook status updated `` Manali Here I Am ‘’